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Distress flares are an essential piece of equipment for any boat. Flares have two purposes:

  • To attract attention over long distances
  • To pinpoint exact location of the vessel in distress

There are many types of flares available and it’s important that your boat is equipped with the most suitable type for your situation.

Often categorised into distance from the shore, our flare packages come in 3 types: Inshore, Coastal and Off-shore zones.

Always read the instructions and directions before use on any pyrotechnics. We also stock practice kits so you can be prepared in case of an emergency.

In-shore Zone – 2 Red handflares and 2 Orange handsmokes

For use day or night, the red Handflare is a short-range distress signal used to pinpoint position. It can be carried on the ship’s bridge and is a requirement on ship’s Lifeboats and Liferafts.
The handflare is suitable for use on other commercial and recreational boats as well. The Red handflare burns for 60 seconds.

Orange Handsmoke is for use in day distress signal situations and to mark the position during a rescue operation. Ideal to indicate wind direction to rescue helicopter in land or sea rescues. Orange Handsmoke burns for 60 seconds. For use inshore, up to 3 miles off the coast.

Coastal Zone - 2 Red Handflares, 2 Orange Handsmokes and 2 Para Red Rockets

This pack also contains 2 Parachute Red Rockets which are day or night long-range distress signal, suitable for use in recreational boats. Para Red Rocket deploys a flare at 300m which burns for 40 seconds.

Off-Shore Zone - 2 Orange buoyant Lifesmokes, 4 Red Hand flares and 4 Parachute Red Rockets. This package is for day or night distress signalling over 7 miles from land.

Also available is the White Collision Warn-off Handflare which is for use day or night when a collision danger exists or for the illumination of small areas.

ADEC Marine can offer a complete range of pyrotechnics - red parachute rockets, red and white hand flares, buoyant orange smoke signals, handheld orange smoke signals, man overboard units, pen signal kits, white parachute illuminating rockets, day and night signals. All fully approved to the latest standards and regulations.

All products meet the SOLAS requirements ensuring the highest level of reliability and safety. All flares and pyrotechnics should be stored in a specially designed polybottle or in a dry, easily accessed location at an ambient temperature.

If you would like to learn more about pyrotechnics and distress flares, please get in contact with the ADEC Marine team today.

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