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We can supply a complete range of marine lifesaving and fire fighting equipment all in compliance with the current Codes of Practice for Fishermen and Charter Operators.

Confused over exactly what you require? Contact us and we will happily advise you of what you require to comply with the current Code of Practice Regulations.

Benefits of owning a Coded Vessel

Commercial Coding your boat under the relevant code will carry a number of benefits that we have listed below. You will be entitled to reclaim the VAT you paid on the boat. With even a small 34 footer being about £150,000 nowadays that's a reclaim of £26,250. Most boats over 40 feet will be at least £300,000 with a reclaim of £52,500. Reclaim all fuel duty.

Reclaim all purchases for your Charter boat, including berthing costs and, of course, the coding costs.

All purchases will be offset against tax.

Your vessel will be altogether much safer having adhered to this code, making it safer for you to use when out with family and friends.

What does coding entail?

ADEC Marine will provide you with the complete safety requirements necessary for Coding, whether you are buying a new boat or MCA coding an existing vessel.

Choosing the correct SCV Code

There are a number of different SCV Codes to cater for a variety of Small Commercial Vessels, which include, sailing boats, motorboats, work boats (eg fishing boats, tugs), pilot boats. The codes are split into 7 categories with 6 being the easiest to achieve and 0 being the most difficult.

Category 6 - To sea, within 3 miles of a nominated departure point(s) and never more than 3 miles from land in favourable conditions and daylight.
Category 5 - To sea, within 20 miles of a nominated departure point(s) in favourable weather and daylight.
Category 4 - Up to 20 miles from a safe haven, in favourable weather and in daylight.
Category 3 - Up to 20 miles from a safe haven.
Category 2 - Up to 60 miles from a safe haven.
Category 1 - Up to 150 miles from a safe haven.
Category 0 - Unrestricted
The vast majority of boats are certified in category 2 because this will cover crossing the English Channel, Irish & North Seas.

It is possible to have dual certification by varying the inventory and manning for more information about this contact us with details of the different types of operation you intend to engage in.

Important: These categories should not be confused with Design Categories of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) which are governed by significant wave height and wind speed.

There are more stringent requirements for boats between 15m and 24m or carrying more than 15 persons. These include enhanced stability documentation and increased frequency of inspections.

The Codes set out the requirements and the boat is examined against a checklist called the SCV 2 Compliance Document. This covers all aspect of the vessels documentation, seaworthiness, fittings, engines and machinery, safety equipment and fire fighting provision. This is the used by the surveyor to ensure that the code is adhered to as specified by the MCA.

The Certificate of Compliance is effective for a period of five years but requires annual inspection by the owner or management agent and the servicing of all safety equipment in order to remain compliant with the Code. Re-validation is required upon change of ownership.

The Owner / Managing Agent will have to sign up to the following undertakings:

To maintain the vessel in a sound and seaworthy condition.

To report to the Certifying Authority any changes to the details shown on the compliance form.

To notify the Certifying Authority of any collision or grounding, fire or other event causing major damage. The Certifying Authority must approve the nature and extent of repairs.

If the vessel is over 15m or carries more than 15 persons, to have the vessel examined annually by a Certifying Authority Surveyor.

To make the vessel available for examination by the Certifying Authority at any time during the validity of the Small Commercial Vessel Certificate.

Now you have more information to hand click here for our Free Code of Practice Safety Checklist

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