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The safe storage and servicing of your marine safety equipment over Winter, given that lives depend on the correct operation of safety equipment, is well worth considering.

Here Adec Marine provide top tips to ensure that your life jackets and life rafts are treated correctly over Winter for optimum levels of performance for many years to come.


Putting your lifejacket into the correct type storage while your boat is out of action during winter is recommended.

  • We would advise to increase the life of your lifejacket to never store it damp or wet, whatever time of year after it has been exposed to water. Always rinse off any exposure to sea salt with fresh water as a build up of salt on the lifejacket material can shorten the life of your jacket.
  • If your jacket is an auto-inflating jacket then remove the auto-bobbin before washing and allow it to air-dry prior to storing, once dry re-fit the bobbin, partially inflate and store on a non-metal hanger to keep any creases out.
  • Winter is the perfect time to check, re-check and check again for any leaks, holes or abrasions on your jacket that could cause an issue when out at sea in the future. To do this, inflate your jacket with a hand pump rather than your breath to avoid moisture build up, particularly if you are putting your lifejacket into storage. Keep it inflated for 24 hours to see if it deflates due to leaks. If there are none, repack the jacket according to the folding guidance and store.
  • Our lifejacket servicing option can ensure that every aspect of your jacket is checked in accordance with correct procedures with the opportunity for spares and repairs at an extra cost. Ensure you lifejacket is ready for a season of sailing next year. Our servicing option is just £7.25 +VAT.


Liferafts are always supplied with a recommended service date on the containers which should always be noted and booked in advance to avoid any nasty surprises, if yours is due this winter, click for our servicing option where we can also offer storage over the Winter period so it will be completely ready for sailing season.

Things you should always check yourself over Winter, if your liferaft is not ready for service:

  • Examine your container for damage. Bag models can be prone to wear and tear so check carrying handles and seams for splits. If putting into storage ensure that your valise is stored clear of anything sharp.
  • Container models have Hydrostatic releases which, when stored on deck should be checked and replaced every two years, but do not replace until your season on the water begins again for a full service life.
  • Removing your liferaft from your boat is a good option to consider for storage as you are more likely to be able to store it in a warm and dry place. Wipe it down with warm water to remove any dirt build up prior to storing.

At Adec Marine our expert marine safety advice is always free of charge and we are happy to help with all your boating needs. To find out more about our servicing options or to purchase a lifejacket or lifeboat this Winter, browse our website.

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